Whether you need a single web server or a cluster of multi-tier, redundant architecture to run your business, Cloudapt has the infrastructure to serve and scale with your needs.

Cloudapt infrastructure paired with high-touch managed services is a winning combination.

  • Easily expand or contract your infrastructure with personal help from the professionals at Cloudapt.
  • Do you need private fiber connecting your Cloudapt infrastructure to your business?  Cloudapt can do that.

"Every-Day" IaaS business scenarios

Development and testing. Users and their groups can quickly provision environments for testing and development, making apps market ready much more quickly. IaaS makes it fast and economical for scaling testing and development environments up and down.

Recovery, backup and storage. Businesses can defer the cost of storage and  the complexity of creating the storage architecture, which typically requires a highly experienced IT professional to manage the data for legal and complex concerns. IaaS is useful for handling unpredictably scalable demands and growing storage needs, adding simplicity to the planning.

Web hosting. Running websites on IaaS can be more economical than outsourcing to larger more commercial web hosts.

Web applications. IaaS supports web apps with all of the necessary infrastructure, including servers, storage, and networking resources. Businesses can launch web applications quickly on IaaS and scale infrastructure up and down easily, when demand is unpredictable.

Big data. "Big Data" is a popular term for massive sets of data which possibly contain patterns, trends, and associations, when studied, can prove valuable. Mining data to find these hidden patterns requires significant processing power, which IaaS can provide in a more cost effective manner.